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Laminated Umrah Duaa Cards: A5 & A6

Laminated Umrah Duaa Cards: A5 & A6

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A convenient set of 14 full-colour laminated cards with 17 different duaas relating to the Umrah pilgrimage. 

Cards are available in two sizes: A5 & A6 

Duas on cards: 

- Dua when leaving home

- Dua when undertaking a journey

- Dua when entering any town/city 

- Dua when entering Madinah Munawwarah 

- Dua when entering any Masjid

- Salaam to Nabi (SAW) 

- Salaam to Abu Bakr (RA) 

- Salaam to Umar (RA) 

- Salaam to Uthmaan (RA) 

- Dua when entering Jannatul Baqi 

- Dua outside Makkah 

- Intention / Niyaah when making Imrah 

- Labayk (Talbiyah) 

- Intention / Niyaah for Tawaaf 

- Dua when drinking Zam Zam 

- Istilaam 

- Salaam to the martyrs of Uhud 

Please note that the A6 cards have a ring, whereas the A5 cards come in a plastic folder, as pictured.

The bigger size (A5) has a bigger font, more suitable for those who require large font size for easier reading. 

Duas compiled from a publication by Moulana Olgar and Moulana Rafiq Valley. 

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