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Watercolour Painting Book: Islam My Way of Life

Watercolour Painting Book: Islam My Way of Life

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by My1stMasjid

Introducing our Islamic Watercolour Books, a delightful blend of creativity and spirituality. Ideal for both children and adults, these books feature a built-in watercolour palette and each page turns into a vibrant bookmark. Explore the 5 pillars, daily life, and iconic mosques worldwide through beautiful Islamic illustrations.

These are perfect for travel, Masjid visits and gatherings. Each book includes a paintbrush, eliminating the need for additional supplies.

Immerse yourself in the joy of creation while deepening your spiritual connection with our Islamic Watercolour Books—a perfect balance of creativity and inspiration

Suitable for ages 5+

20 pages of paintings, with paint on each page

Size: 8 x 19cm 

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