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Mighty Muslim Boy Journal

Mighty Muslim Boy Journal

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by Tamara Haque 

An Interactive Journal for Muslim Boys encouraging a Growth Mindset, Gratitude, Confidence & Mindfulness through Islam-Centred Affirmations & Prompts


- 100+ pages of affirmations, prompts, exercises, doodles and creative space.

- POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations for self-love and strengthening relationship with Allah.

- REFLECTIVE EXERCISES: Learning from mistakes, self-love, letting go, emotional awareness and more for self-development.

- DHIKR PROMPTS: Daily dhikr, names of Allah, dua, Salah, charity and Quran reading prompts to help build a schedule around worship and remembrance of Allah.

- GRATITUDE & REFLECTIONS: Exercises for practicing daily gratitude and room for penning thoughts and reflections.

- 30 DAYS OF KINDNESS: Acts of kindness to practice throughout the year.

- MINDFULNESS TOOLS: Combining mindfulness tools and Dhikr to live in the present with awareness of Allah.

- FUN DOODLES: Colour while you learn and reflect.

A perfect Eid, Ramadan, Birthday, New School Year or any occasion gift for boys to develop a loving relationship with themselves and Allah. 

Recommended ages: 6-12

Pages: 106 

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