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Moonlight by Taariquwais Malinga (CD)

Moonlight by Taariquwais Malinga (CD)

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by Taariquwais Malinga

A beautiful album featuring soothing Zikr nasheeds, the perfect way to introduce your mini Muslims to the remembrance of Allah. The Moonlight album contains 12 tracks. 
Taariquwais Malinga is a Johannesburg-based nasheed artist and haafizul Quran, and this is his 5th album.
Track List:

1. Glory Belongs To The Greatest Lord 
2. Choicest Blessings Be Upon The Chosen Messenger 
3. The Secret Of My Heart (The Prophetic Love)
4. Resound The Greatest Of Thy Lord 
5. Beats Of Love (Repeating The Divine Name) 
6. The Right Of The Beloved (Purest Salutations)
7. Sow The Seeds Of Trees In Paradise
8. I Am An Embodiment Of Imperfection (Forgive Me!)
9. Savour The Sweetness Of The Divine Name 
10. Gratitude In Multitude 
11. Song For Yahya
12. Say Alhamdulillah 
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