My Dad Is Always Working

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by Hafsah Dabiri

With beautiful illustrations and a heartfelt message, My Dad is Always Working is a story about the depth of gratitude and the important bond between Father and child.

Abdullah only sees his Dad working! He feels upset when his Dad rushes to leave for work in the morning and doesn't have time to pick him up after school. When his teacher asks him to make a 'JazakAllah Khair' card, the only person he can think of to thank is his Mum. Abdullah shrugs his shoulders and says, “DAD IS ALWAYS WORKING…” But what is Daddy really doing? 

Join Abdullah as he learns to recognise that sometimes the blessings we need to be most grateful for are not the ones that are easy to see... “My Dad is always working…for ME!” 

Read an excerpt of the book at the following link.

Format: Hardcover