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My First Arabic Alphabet Book

My First Arabic Alphabet Book

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Teach your mini Muslims the Arabic Alphabet in a fun and creative way. 

A Message from the author: 

"During my years of teaching I have found that a solid foundation in recognition of the Arabic letters is necessary otherwise it leads to many problems later in Quranic recitation. Therefore, I have compiled this workbook with tried and tested methods that have helped my past learners to master the Arabic letters. Use this book as a base for your teaching and remember that just repetition is not enough when it comes to little ones. 

Use creativity when teaching, painting a letter, matching letters, using play dough to mould letters, drawing of letters in sand, tracing letters, flashcards etc. are examples of creative teaching.

It is my hope In-Sha-Allah that this workbook will help the learner to master the recognition of Arabic letters in all its forms. 

May Allah make it easy for us and may Allah accept all our efforts, In-Sha-Allah. Ameen"

Format: Paperback 

Recommended age: 4+ years old 

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