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Nani's Tricks

Nani's Tricks

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by local Durban-based author, Mariam Jhaveri

Is your  grandmother full of tricks? A little girl is visiting her grandmother’s home for a sleepover. They spend quality time together sewing, working in the garden and reciting their evening adkhar (remembrance).

She is surprised at all the creative ways in which her grandmother repurposes household items that are usually thrown away. The lesson of not being wasteful is taught in a subtle way and the books ends with an ayah from the Quran related to this theme.

‘Nani’s Tricks’ tenderly reminds us that we can learn so much from our beloved elders.  This read-aloud book opens up opportunities for parents to share memories of their own parents and grandparents with their little ones.

The delightful illustrations are by the talented Azra Momin who is based in Canada. She has worked on many beloved children’s books such as ‘Ramadan Around the World’ and Zain Bhika’s ‘Allah Made Everything’ songbook

Format: Paperback 
Pages: 28 

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