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Qibla Marker (Gold / Silver / Rose Gold) - Set of 3

Qibla Marker (Gold / Silver / Rose Gold) - Set of 3

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Include a reminder of salaah and the direction of Qibla (the Kabah) with our engraved Qibla Marker.

Available in brushed silver, brushed gold and brushed rose gold. 

Sold as a set of three - choose colour option above between:

- set of 3 gold

- set of 3 silver

- set of 3 rose gold

- metallic trio (one of each colour). 

Find the direction of the Qibla using a compass and then attach the Qibla Marker to the ceiling or wall using an adhesive.

Now you’ll never forget which way the Qibla is in your room, and it will be easy for guests to find the prayer direction too!

The Qibla Marker measures 9.5cm in height and 6cm in width.

Locally designed and manufactured in South Africa.

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