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Quran Cube USB - Gold / Silver

Quran Cube USB - Gold / Silver

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The Quran Cube USB contains the Quran in MP3 format, and can be used in cars, laptops, and any other USB compatible devices.

The Quran recitations are split into folders for each reciter, making it easy to listen to your favourite Reciters. 

All Quran Cube USB’s come packaged in a gift box.

Quran Cube USB Includes:

Full Quran:

01 Sheikh Mahir Al Muaiqly
02 Sheikh Sudais
03 Sheikh Shuraim
04 Sheikh Yasser Al Dossari
05 Sheikh Abdullah Juhany
06 Sheikh Salah Al Budair
07 Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmy
08 Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri
09 Sheikh Saad Al Ghamdi
10 Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Oosi
11 Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy
12 Sheikh Bandar Baleela
13 Sheikh Hudhaify
14 Sheikh Buayjaan
15 Sheikh Luhaidan
16 Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy – English
17 Sheikh Sudais – English

Quran Memorisation (Hifz Mode)
18 Hifz – Mahir – Pages 13
19 Hifz – Sudais – Quarters

Selected Surahs:
20 Mufti Menk Quran
21 Qari Ziyaad Patel
22 Qari Fatih Seferagic
23 Haza Balushi
24 Indonesian Quran Recitors
Taqy Malik
Ibrohim El Haq
Muzammil Hasballah
Salim Bahanan

25 Ismail Annuri

Seerah (Life Of Prophet Muhammad SAW) & Prophets Stories
26 Seerah – Mufti Menk
27 Prophets Stories

28 Hadith – Imam Nawawi 40
29 Hadith – Riyadh Us Saliheen

30 Adhan

Over 150 Nasheeds (English, Arabic, Urdu) - No music

Please note that, due to the material from which it is made, slight marks may appear on the USB (as per manufacturer). The contents work perfectly. 

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