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Quran Medal - Blue & Red or Pink & Purple

Quran Medal - Blue & Red or Pink & Purple

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A New Concept in Celebrating Quran Success

These medals are rare gifts that honour one of life's most sacred occasions. There are few achievements that truly deserve a celebration as much as a Quran accomplishment. 

When your child completes the Qaida, or their first recital of the Quran, or memorizes their first Surah or Juz, how do you celebrate that achievement?

These medals are unique awards designed to emphasize the important successes that should be celebrated. They are one-of-a-kind, Quran themed gifts that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, designed specifically to celebrate Quran achievement. They are made with a premium metallic build, finish and shine making them a substantial gift in a beautiful box designed to be remembered for a lifetime.

- Two different color variations, making them suitable for different preferences.

- The medals measure 7cm wide and 8cm high and come complete with a complimentary fixed-loop ribbon dropping 35cm from the neckline.

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