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Rami the Ramadan Cat

Rami the Ramadan Cat

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By Robyn Thomas (Ruqaya's Bookshelf)

An endearing Islamic children's storybook which beautifully embodies the spirit of Ramadan!

The spirit of Ramadan is rooted in generosity to family, friends, and neighbours! Saleem has just moved to a new city and is feeling lonely. On the first night of Ramadan, he finds a scruffy kitten clinging to his backyard fence.

Even though Saleem and his family make "lost cat" posters to hang up around their neighbourhood, he secretly hopes they never find the cat's owner! After all, Rami is Saleem's only friend in this new place.

Learn what happens as Saleem momentarily loses his father after Taraweeh prayers, and is then able to empathise with Rami the cat who has lost his family. Will Saleem have to return Rami to his owners, or does Eid bring a happy ending for Saleem and Rami? 

"A heart warming and beautiful story that deals with the struggles of loneliness and the power of an unlikely friend. I love these stories for many reasons, but my children identify with these characters on another level. The added bonus of seeing these beloved characters engage in prayer, look and speak like them- is a blessing without measure. My daughter was able to express her pains of loneliness through the experience of Saleem. They all lit up and remembered the beautiful time of Ramadan that previously passed and felt sad saleem couldnt truly enjoy himself as they had. Amazing and adorable story of finding friends. Buy this, it will be a fast family favorite." - 5 star review by Alina Hasan

Ages 4+, 32 pages, paperback

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