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Reclaiming the Mosque

Reclaiming the Mosque

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by Jasser Auda

At a time when misogyny and hostile attitudes towards women are plaguing Muslim communities throughout the world, Dr Jasser Auda presents a timely and vital challenge to the contentious issue of women's access to the mosque, expounding an Islamic perspective.

Reclaiming The Mosque is a crucial response to the current trials facing Muslim communities, and moreover, it offers a clear and cohesive call to action that harks back to the Islamic principles of freedom, justice and human rights.

"This book needs to be read by every Muslim. Muslims need to understand and study the Quran and ahadith presented here by Dr. Jasser Auda, as understanding the concepts put forth by Dr. Jasser Auda would enable a revitalization of Muslim communities, whereby women, men, and children may cooperate in mutual affairs for the betterment of their community. Such is the model of Prophet Muhammad, eternal peace and blessings upon him and his family, as he was a living, walking example of the Holy Quran." - 5-star review 

Pages: 148

Format: Paperback

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