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Reflecting On The Names of Allah

Reflecting On The Names of Allah

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by Jinan Yousef

A brilliant book to help us to understand and connect to Allah in our daily lives.

This book provides a comprehensive explanation for Allah's names and attributes.
The author has effectively defined the attributes of Allah in such a way to ensure sufficient detail is provided for the reader, without excessively analyzing and over complicating the topic.

The aim and achievement of this book is to introduce God in the term in which He introduces Himself, and thereby make the approach to Him easier for willing hearts and minds. Furthermore it allows for a lighter, more pleasant and rewarding experience on the journey in reconnecting and strengthening the bond with our Creator.True love is not fleeting, nor is it temporary, but its permanence takes root in the heart. We might have felt this type of love for certain people in our lives, and we should be grateful for this love. 

When it comes to Allah, we know that we should love Him. Muslims are taught this from a young age. God says in the Qur'an, 'those who believe are stronger in love for Allah' [2:165].

While we often put those we love before what we ourselves want, we might not always choose God in this way. Part of the reason is that true love is based on how much we know someone, our relationship with that person, and his or her presence in, and impact on, our lives... Allah, who created us and knows us more intimately than any human being, knows this about us, and indeed created this tendency in us. Thus, one of the most beautiful aspects of the revelation of His names and attributes is that they form the basis of our relationship with Him...

Indeed Allah's names tell us something about ourselves; when we know that He is the Giver of Peace, for example, it means that we will necessarily go though periods of anxiety, and the antidote is to go to Him for calm. Knowing that He is the Responder means that there is one who is asking; Him being the Forgiving means that we make mistakes...

With these names, God wants us to know him.

Jinan Yousef has been an author for over a decade writing about topics related to the Islamic faith. She has been a student of Sheikh Mohammad Akram Nadwi alongside others. Jinan is a course instructor at Al-Buruj press and regularly lectures on the names of God, connecting to Allah, and growing in faith. 

Format: Paperback, 558 pages

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