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Shama'il of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - A Study-Book on the Prophetic Character

Shama'il of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - A Study-Book on the Prophetic Character

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by Abu Zahra

Shama’il of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is suitable for ages 11-16 to assist them in understanding the character and person of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The contents of this book are engaging and accessible, and bring together the essentials from the classical commentaries on this great tradition – bridging the gap created by language and the ages between modern students and Islam’s great tradition. The book guides the student through discussions on sira, hadith, Arabic, tafsir and reverential poetry. Suitable for both personal study and as a class text, it is certain to match the needs of the young student.

Key Features:

  • Each chapter is dedicated to a particular characteristic, closely following the format of the original Arabic Shama’il text, and begins with a translation of ahadith
  • Warm-up questions that engage students in ideas related to the chapter’s theme so that they can begin considering their own lives and values in light of the Prophetic way
  • Arabic vocabulary and key concepts appear in bold with their meanings provided in the Key Words section
  • Illustrative photographs to enhance learning
  • Assessment questions allow students to develop their comprehension and apply critical thinking skills in examining the Shama’il and Sunnah of the Prophet
  • Developed by a team of traditional Islamic scholars and experienced school teachers

Format: Paperback

No. of Pages: 132

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