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Shaytan Or The Nafs: Who Is Our Stronger Enemy?

Shaytan Or The Nafs: Who Is Our Stronger Enemy?

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by Umm Muhammad 

The perfect book for today's day and age.

Shaytaan or our nafs: who is our stronger enemy is a new guide that is filled with information and the training needed for the individual mind and body in order to function in complex situations.

Have you ever wondered…

- How many battles we fight in a day against our fiercest enemies - shaytan and our nafs, or
- How often we succumb to their instigations every time we take a step towards Allah, the Most Loving?
- Which of the two is more dangerous?
- Whose attack is stronger?
- Whom should we strive more vigorously against to thwart?

All Praise is due to Allah who has not left us unaided; who has given us the perfect guidance to tackle shaytan and our nafs whenever they intend to cut off our path to Him.

Format: Paperback 

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