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Stepping into Adulthood - A Muslim Girl's Guide

Stepping into Adulthood - A Muslim Girl's Guide

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by Umm Aymin

A book for a young Muslimah experiencing haidh for the first time to help her understand the changes shes going through.

This engaging guide provides comprehensive and extensive coverage of this period in a girls life ranging from the impact of Haidh upon aspects of daily life such as the pillars of Islam, Salah, Fasting and Hajj through to duas, goal-setting and lifestyle matters, personal care and health, grooming and hygiene, nutrition and empowering practices and habits. This is supported by numerous recipes, comparison of products available, practical tips and toolkit, planners and questionnaires. The Haidh tracker, Mood tracker chart, Feminine hygiene kit are but a few of the many splendid and innovative tools introduced and shared in this manual. 

Empower your child with knowledge on how to navigate through puberty, enrich them and enable them to live up to their potential. 

NB the book follows the Hanafi Madhab

Format: Paperback

Pages: 97 Pages

Proudly South African.  

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