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Tales from Dhikarville: Little Sister Dua (with stickers)

Tales from Dhikarville: Little Sister Dua (with stickers)

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Meet the brothers and Sisters of Dhikharville - an adorable series of books which uses cute Muslim characters to teach your mini Muslims about Islamic concepts through storytelling.  

Little Sister Dua is very excited, she's hosting her very first sleep-over. She checks every detail of her house to make sure the Little Sisters staying over will be comfortable. Her preparations prove too much for Little Sister Zakaah who ends up yelling at everyone and then crying her eyes out! What could be wrong with Little Sister Dua's house of dua? Read the book to find out and then use the stickers to make your very own House of Dua.

Format: paperback, 46 pages (incl. 6 sticker pages)

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