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Tawaaf Counter - 7 Beads

Tawaaf Counter - 7 Beads

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Effortless Tawaaf tracking with these beautiful Tawaaf Counters.

Keep track of your Tawaaf rounds during your Hajj or Umrah with ease around the Ka'bah and Sa'ee between Safa and Marwa during hajj and Umrah. With 7 beads, these Tawaaf counters allow you to focus on your ibadaat (worship) while it keeps track of your count. Take it with you on your next pilgrimage with the convenient keyring attached. 

A must have for those going on pilgrimage and makes a great gift which is very practical
& useful especially with the increased amount of people visiting the house of Allah. 

- 8mm blue agate gem beads, or

- 8mm black crystal beads 

- Silver steel ring to hook around your finger to avoid losing it. 

- Beautiful tassel 

Handmade with attention to detail and doubles up as a beautiful key ring for your convenience.

Nb There are four different variants. 

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