The Box of Manners (Illustrated Card Activity Pack)

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Meet the box that's just bursting to teach an essential part of Islam: akhlaaq (Islamic manners and etiquettes)! The Box of Manners is a set of 27  illustrated cards educating Islamic manners and etiquettes, based on the sunnah. These cards may be used in three exciting games developing interpersonal and social behavioural skills. The games cover memory, application and referencing skills. Through playing these games, inshaAllah your mini Muslims will develop a love for emulating our Prophet Muhammed (SAW).


- 27 illustrated cards in high quality card. The size of the cards are perfectly designed to fit into small children's hands, encouraging interaction.  

- helpful instruction booklet to aid parents and teachers on three fun ways to play the game; also includes references to the Quran and authentic ahadith relating to each manner.

The Box of Manners contains gentle reminders about the following manners: 

  • Kindness to parents
  • Knocking before entering
  • Suppressing the yawn
  • Sharing (food and other items)
  • Starting from the right side

After playing the games, children may be given the opportunity to discuss how they feel, their thoughts about the pictures depicted, and recount their personal experiences regarding these manners, and their feelings surrounding such experiences. Such discussions help children feel confident and comfortable with expressing their feelings in a secure environment.