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The Life of Muhammad (Awlaqi Seerah) - Buy or Download for Free

The Life of Muhammad (Awlaqi Seerah) - Buy or Download for Free

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The Life of Muhammad (SAW) introduces the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the Final Messenger of Allah (SWT), presented in two books (over 1000 pages).

In this series the author, Imam Anwar Al-Awlaqi, eloquently presents the Prophet’s life in a detailed manner, deriving valuable lessons from it and thus making it relevant to modern times.

The series is primarily based on Ibn Kathir’s book on the Seerah as presented by Imam Anwar Al-Awlaqi in his famous lectures on the subject.

If you would like this Seerah as a FREE pdf, download it at the following link.

To purchase a copy of the physical books, kindly click 'Add to Cart' on this page, above. 

These lectures have been transcribed by kind anonymous individuals, may Allah reward them abundantly for their efforts. Ameen. They have presented the books as a PDF with NO copyright (i.e. you are free to share it widely).

Why does SUHAYLA offer the free PDF of a product which we are selling too?

SUHAYLA was founded for the purpose of making books accessible and affordable to Muslim families, so that they may develop a love for our beautiful Deen. We source books from around the world, and bring them to South Africa at the most affordable prices for Muslim families. 

While we would never share a "free" PDF which carries a copyright, this Awlaqi seerah bears no copyright and we are thus eager to share it with those who may not necessarily be able to afford the physical copies, but would still love to read this Seerah, and would not mind the digital copy.

May Allah accept from you and us, ameen.

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