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The Majestic Quran - Audio CD

The Majestic Quran - Audio CD

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Includes eleven surahs as listed below. 

This audio CD is perfect for those who want to listen to Allah’s words whilst in the car or at home. Listening to the words of Allah explained clearly in simple language you can understand will penetrate your heart and leave you floating on air. This landmark translation with its clear, authoritative yet poetic flow will appeal to all English speakers, both young and old, globally.

The Quran is the most powerful, life-changing book that has ever existed. We believe it is not only to be read, it is to be experienced. The Majestic Quran’s now world-renowned translation provides clarity to the point of understanding, fosters a deeper connection to Allah and transforms the reader’s experience. It will move you, rejuvenate you and most of all, deeply stir your soul.

 Key features include:

  • Easy to understand and in today’s simple English
  • Made for the modern-day and contextualised into contemporary themes
  • Narrated wonderfully in simple, plain English
  • It will inspire you, energise you and enhance your mind
  • English only – so will aid comprehension of understanding themes. 
  • Surahs included : Surah Yusuf, Kahf, Ya seen, Ar Rahman, Waqiah, Mulk, Muzzamil, Kafiroon, Ikhlaas, Falaq and Naas. 

Narrators: Kamran Nikhad and Angus Scott

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