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The Majestic Quran (Uthmani Script)

The Majestic Quran (Uthmani Script)

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Translated by Musharraf Hussain

Uthmani Arabic Script

Due to popular demand, comes the release of the best-selling Quran translation with the Uthmani script. The Uthmani script, also known as the Madani script, is usually found in the 15-line Mushafs and is more commonly used in Arab regions.

This version has been designed to accommodate Arabic and English on each side of the page to assist readers in making it lightweight and compact.

The Quran is the most powerful, life-changing book that has ever existed. It is not only to be read, it is to be experienced and understood.
The Majestic Quran’s now world-renowned translation provides clarity to the point of understanding, fosters a deeper connection to Allah and transforms the reader’s experience. It will move you, rejuvenate you and most of all, deeply stir your soul.
The original Hardback edition is beautifully presented and is luxurious to hold where just spending time with the Book feels pleasurable. Don’t just read Allah’s words, feel them, experience them and let them truly transform you.
This landmark translation with its clear, authoritative yet poetic flow will appeal to all English readers, both young and old, globally.

Key features include:

  • Easy to understand and in today’s simple English
  • Made for the modern-day and contextualised into contemporary themes
  • Beautifully designed and presented for an optimum reading experience
  • Contains both Arabic verses and English translation side by side
  • Comes with a free bookmark 

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 736


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