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The Most Powerful Night - A Ramadan Story

The Most Powerful Night - A Ramadan Story

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by Ndaa Hassan 

The Most Powerful Night is a heart-warming Ramadan story of angels, sweet prayers and blessed nights! Join Laila, a bright and curious explorer, and her Mom as they embark on a sweet bedtime story of The Most Powerful Night - Laylat Al-Qadr.

NDAA HASSAN is a mother, artist, social entrepreneur, and creative design enthusiast with a passion for storytelling, traveling, and learning about other cultures. She takes particular interest in working on projects that provide value and service to others. Her portfolio spans many community-centered projects and a handful of storytimes filled with lots of excitement and giggles. Ndaa is the author of "Sitti's Olive Trees," “The Most Powerful Night” and the award-winning “Ramadan Around The World.”

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 40 

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