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The Spider and the Doves: The Story of the Hijra

The Spider and the Doves: The Story of the Hijra

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by Farah Morley

"Told from the perspective of the spider and the doves that were present in the Cave of Thawr with them, (this) is a great resource to introduce children to the magnificence and significance of the Hijra. By the use of appropriate language... it helps to put things into a child’s perspective. A highly recommended read..." - review by

This is the re-telling of a classic true story from the Prophet's (pbuh) life. It weaves a tale that shows how even the smallest of us can have a great destiny.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is besieged on all sides by his enemies. Allah then sends him some unlikely helpers in the form of a pair of doves and a spider. But what can a small and weak spider do to help the Messenger of Allah?

Format: Hardback with 32 pages

Recommended ages: +6 years

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