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The Ultimate Tajweed Workbook

The Ultimate Tajweed Workbook

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by Iqrah Razzaq

Start your family’s tajweed journey with this 283-page workbook! 

We all have to learn to recite the Quran correctly with tajweed, so why not make it fun with simple and engaging hands-on activities? In this workbook you will find the tajweed rules explained visually with a clear and easy explanation, which is then followed by a hands-on activity and a quiz to help your children grasp the concept. The bitesize, engaging and colorful worksheets help your little ones to learn without feeling overwhelmed. The workbook allows your children to work independently helping them become more confident.

The tajweed book focuses on the basic tajweed rules which include:

- Madd letters

- Leen letters

-  The 5 main makharij

-  The specific makharij

-  Ghunna

- Qalqalah

- Heavy letters

- Ra rules

- The lam rules

- Noon sakinah and tanween rules

- Ikhfa Ash Shafawi

- Idgham Ash Shafawi

- Izhar Ash Shafawi

- The sun letters

- The moon letters

- Waqf

- Sakt

- Madd

- Madd Ewadh

- Madd Silah Sughra

- Madd Silah Kubra

- Madd Muttasil

- Madd Munfasil

- Madd Badl

- Madd Al Arid li Sukoon

- Madd al Leen

- Madd al Lazim

- Huroof al Muqattat

- Answer sheets       

All the examples used in the book are from the Quran which will allow your children to practice the rules in action, helping them on the road to reciting the Quran with tajweed.

Recommended ages: 6-12


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