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The War Within Our Hearts

The War Within Our Hearts

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The War Within Our Hearts is not just another book about Muslim young people. It is a book written for young Muslims addressing issues they can relate to and in a language that is their own. Covering the key issues for young Muslims in the west today including dating, music, internet, this is a book everyone should have. It also has an introduction by Imam Zaid Shakir.

"Written for today’s urban Muslim boys, this guide to faithful living is wise and understanding. Twenty-eight short chapters are divided into two sections: “Problems” and “Solutions,” in which the authors, both school administrators who understand teen language, acknowledge that modern culture and technology are often at odds with the teachings of the Qu'ran. Peppered with slang, chapters individually address teen problems such as peer pressure, parents, immodest dress, depression and social networking. Through Qu'ran quotes and stories of Islamic prophets and scholars, readers are encouraged to act in ways that are in keeping with their religion but do not promote isolation from modern society. The end of each chapter in the “Problems” section offers life tips that are Qu'ran-focused but often universally applicable, such as “Always be encouraging towards others with fewer blessings…than you.” In the “Solutions” part of the book, chapters end with tips on becoming more involved in the faith." Kirkus Review

Recommended ages : +12 years 

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