When The Moon Split

by Safuir Rahman Mubarakpuri

When the Moon Split is an engrossing biography on the life of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) by an award-winning writer.

When the Moon Split is a famous seerah which contains an overview of the Prophet's life with references, historic incidents, illustrations and images of related historical places.

A perfect read to understand the history of Islam and the trials and tribulations faced by the Prophet Muhammed SAW in the spread of the message of Allah SWT.

An easy read that transports the reader back to the early days of the spread of Islam. Read to learn useful Islamic lessons and be inspired to lead a pious life like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


  • Covers the entire life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
  • Sources mentioned are from the Holy Qur'an, Sahih Hadith and authentic Islamic history books.
  • Includes a visual guide to historical sites, through images.
  • Contains lessons and questions at the end of each chapter, highlighting morals from each chapter.
  • Large format: 17 x 24cm

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Format: hardcover, 350 pages with illustrations, maps and images of historical sites