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Wrestling Against Anger: Sulaiman's Challenging Neighbor

Wrestling Against Anger: Sulaiman's Challenging Neighbor

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by: Aliya Vaughan 

Wrestling Against Anger is the fourth chapter book in this series about the adventures of a young Muslim boy.

Sulaiman has a neighbour but he is not very nice. He sits on a wall and shouts at people in the street. One snowy, winter evening, as Sulaiman is walking back from the supermarket with his mum and siblings, their neighbour tries to attack them. Something terrible happens that changes their lives for the better. Sulaiman learns the true essence of what it means to be strong and, by overcoming his anger, he is able to forge a friendship with his neighbour. This story aims to teach children from a young age how important it is to control one’s temper when angry and to use other ways to diffuse or resolve an argument.

Format: Paperback 


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