Zak and His Good Intentions

by J. Samia Mair

An excellent story book for mini Muslims to enjoy: encouraging good deeds and conveying the lesson that it is one's intention that matters most, even when there are unintended outcomes!

Siblings Zak and Hana decide to see how many good deeds they can try to do in one day. Unfortunately, everything is going wrong for Zak, and his plans only end in disappointment … and lots and lots of mess!

This really upsets him! Through his mother sharing a hadith, Zak soon realises that what happens is not as important as his intention, and it is his good intentions that matter the most.

"This is an articulate and well-written book that imparts a sound Islamic lesson in a way that appeals to children. It has all the elements of a good children’s book – great pace, slight misadventures, which keep children amused, a likeable main character and a happy ending. This is definitely a high quality Islamic book that I would recommend." - Review by

Format: Paperback with 40 pages

Recommended ages: 3+ years

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